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Bare Metal Edge Cloud

Production ready when you are

Bare Metal Servers

Instantly deploy 4-Core to 20-Core bare-metal dedicated servers around the globe with our edge computing platform. Simply choose your OS, network and add-ons. Starting at $99/mo.

Custom Built
Bare Metal Servers

Fully customized bare-metal dedicated servers built to suit. Choose OS, CPU, GPU, RAM, Storage and more. Thousands of possible configurations deployed within days and managed easily inside our platform.

Private Cloud
Massive Scalability

Choose from VMware, OpenStack, ProxMox, Nutanix and more. We custom design and build every private cloud based on each customer's exact needs, use case and budget.

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28 Locations Worldwide

Reach 80% of the world's internet population within 25ms

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North America

Atlanta, GA

Chicago, IL

Dallas, TX

Los Angeles, CA

Miami, FL

New York City, NY

Newark, NY

Reston, VA

Seattle, WA

Sunnyvale, CA

Tampa, FL

Jacksonville, FL

Pittsburgh, PA

Toronto, Canada

Vancouver, Canada


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Frankfurt, Germany

Madrid, Spain

Paris, France

London, England

Milan, Italy

Stockholm, Sweden

Asia & Australia

Hong Kong, China

Seoul, South Korea

Singapore, Singapore

Sydney, Australia

Tokyo, Japan

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Our people
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When you need support or have a question,
Hivelocity Experts have the answers.

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Single Tenant Bare Metal Cloud

Interact programmatically with your infrastructure using our Robust REST API. Anything you can do from our control panel, you can do from our API. With integrations to Terraform, Ansible, and your other favorite ops tools, repeatable single tenant bare metal is just a config file away.

View our API Documentation >

Manage expansive infrastructure with ease using robust tooling such as manged services, instant deployment across the globe, DNS management, instant reloads, bandwidth monitoring, and more all from a lightning fast, mobile friendly control panel.  

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  • Any operating system
  • Bring your own network, IPS and BGP
  • Performance and Cost Savings you can count on
  • Choice of exact hardware configuration
  • Total control (short of raching the hardware)
  • Software agnostic

Over come challenges faster with our tailored technical support experience. Unlike the big clouds and public hosting providers, you have direct access to our team of highly talented techs, network engineers, developers, and executives ready to help overcome any challenges standing in the way of your strategic objectives.

At Hivelocity your success is our primary objective.


“In Hivelocity we finally found a data center provider that delivers a reliable, fast network connectivity, the best hardware and quality support.

Their support team responds to us promptly in minutes – not hours. The difference between IBM Softlayer and Hivelocity is night and day.”

- Fabio Covolo Mazzo, CIO & Co-Founder, Klink AI


Rated 'Top 10 Performing Network'

Customers from 130 Countries
Infrastructure Deployed on 5 Continents
1000+ Network Peering Connections

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